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• 4/29/2017


What do you think who is AD
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• 5/1/2017
I think Leslie Stone is A.D.
My theory is that when Allison was born, she was interchanged with Lelie Stone and would like to avenge herself at all under A.D.

Ich denke, dass Leslie Stone A.D. ist.
Meine Theorie ist, dass als Allison geboren wurde, sie mit Lelie Stone vertauscht wurde und sich an alle unter A.D rächen möchte.
• 5/3/2017
I think it's Jason but I'm not sure
• 5/14/2017
I hope it is one of the Liars for example hannah or aria. I think Aria would be the best choice.

I actually think the writers also don't know who A.D.
• 7/16/2017 Alex Drake,the Twin from Spencer
• 9/10/2017
It's Alex Drake, Spencer's twin
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